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    The Midwest Bioarcheology & Forensic Anthropology Association was founded in 1994 by Dr. Leslie Eisenberg (Wisconsin) and Dr. Stephen Nawrocki (Indiana), with special help from Dr. Anne Grauer (Chicago). Our goal was to support communication between physical anthropologists and interested students on both formal and informal levels.Our organization consists of over 300 members who have a common interest in bioarchaeology, paleopathology, and forensic anthropology. Membership to our organization is free and is open to all interested parties.  We meet annually in late Fall. The proceedings of our meetings are published online, and usually include abstracts and submitted papers by participating researchers.

   The topical focus of our organization and our annual meeting is the excavation, curation, and analysis of human skeletal remains. Our goal is to provide a forum through which professionals and students can share information concerning results of analyses, new methods and techniques of data collection, curation issues, current legal issues, forensic applications, and teaching strategies. Unlike many professional meetings where most of the presentations and resulting discussions are dominated by faculty members and professionals, the annual BARFAA meetings strive to encourage student participation at all levels.



We are pleased to announce that the keynote speech for the 2013 meeting will be given by Dr. Clark Spencer Larsen, Distinguished Professor of Social and Behavioral Sciences and Chair of the Department of Anthropology at The Ohio State University. His speech is entitled: "Transdisciplinary Bioarchaeology: Interpreting Health and Lifestyle in Biocultural Context."

The 20th Annual Meeting will feature a discussion panel on Sunday (11/10) morning entitled "I Wish I Knew Then What I Know Now", focusing on careers in forensic anthropology and bioarcheology. The panel features discussants Dr. Amelia Hubbard (Wright State University), Dr. Christopher Schmidt (University of Indianapolis), Dr. Shawn Phillips (Indiana State University), Dr. Gretchen Dabbs (Southern Illinois University), and Dr. Nancy Tatarek (Ohio University). This panel is geared toward undergraduate and graduate students. Please come with questions!"


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