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Report a complaint

The PPA is a friendly and inclusive charity (we are a non-profit organization) and we will act quickly when members or individuals attending our events breach our Code of Conduct.  This form provides a mechanism for member to raise concerns about any breaches of our Codes during any PPA meetings, on our social media platforms, or during any other PPA sponsored activities.

We cannot act on anonymous complaints regarding a Member’s misconduct or unethical behaviour, but while complaints are not anonymous, they will be treated with strict confidentiality. The form will be directed to the PPA Secretary, but if this is not appropriate, you may send an email directly to the President. If you feel uncomfortable lodging a complaint in writing, you are welcome to email the PPA Secretary (or another Board Member) and ask to speak to them in person, or you may wish to confide in another person you trust who may lodge a complaint on your behalf.

We cannot deal with matters that occur outside of PPA business, but would strongly advise that those who wish to make a complaint regarding the behaviour of our members outside PPA sponsored platforms and events, report matters to the appropriate authorities at the individual's home institution(s). Most institutions now have policies on the use of social media by those claiming institutional affiliation, using official email addresses or making posts using institutionally-owned computers.

If you would like to report a complaint, please complete this form and forward it to the PPA Secretary

 The PPA is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization
For information or queries, please contact our Communications and Publicity Liaison

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