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The International Journal of Paleopathology (IJPP) carves out a dedicated academic space for communication, collaborations and cutting-edge research in paleopathology - human and non-human. The journal seeks to encourage research and foster interdisciplinary communication. The IJPP accepts submissions towards Special Issues reflecting key themes within paleopathology, along with research articles, case-studies of impact, brief communications, and technical notes.

Editor-in-Chief: Anne Grauer

Associate editors: Angela Lieverse, Simon Mays, Megan Perry, Richard Thomas and Anne Titelbaum 

Volume 45 is in progress! 

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With these papers, The Editor-in-Chief, Associate Editors and Advisory Board members of the IJPP seek to celebrate and promote scientific contributions that influence our field. Articles will be selected based on the potential impact on our field and other disciplines, and the broader interest beyond the academy.

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Volume Highlights - V. 43

The palaeopathology of industry, a perspective from Britain 

by Simon A. Mays. 

Focusing intently on the myriad ways in which paleopathology is poised to contribute substantially to our understanding of the repercussions of industrialization, this paper moves beyond recognition of particular diseases and argues for careful integration of archaeological and historical documentation, along with careful statistical analyses, as a means to explore complex social and environmental variables affecting human health.


This article is OPEN ACCESS and is freely available to all readers.

Volume highlights - V. 44

Ageing and disease risk factors: A new paleoepidemiological methodology for understanding disease in the past

by Jo Appleby.

Tackling confounding issues regarding the assessment of age at death of human skeletal remains, alongside diseases associated with the ageing process, the author offers means by which risk factors for chronic disease can be evaluated. The author advocates for careful integration of multiple lines of evidence and context-specific data in order to develop a model of risk that steps far beyond obtuse generalizations about human life.


This article is OPEN ACCESS and is freely available to all readers.

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